About Seamus

With almost 20 years of experience in education and publishing, I have the skills and experience to help students succeed. Students I’ve tutored have been accepted to and/or attended Wellseley, Brown, NYU, SUNY GENESCO, Bryn Mawr, just to mention a few…

Co-author of “The Best 365 Colleges” guide and experienced editor of some of the best-selling test-prep books, I offer insights into the testing process.


  • Stacey A., parent, Manhattan

    "Seamus was invaluable with every aspect of SAT prep and the admissions process. He is very thorough and makes sure students grasp every concept."
  • Nika K., freshman, Wellesley, Ma.

    "Everything I found hard, Seamus made easier. He helped me master even the most difficult topics."
  • Margaret M., parent, Westchester

    "Seamus has provided invaluable support to our son as he started middle school—A.L. is now much more confident and his scores have improved significantly."
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