“Seamus clearly explained topics that had always been difficult for me in class. He gave me lots of simple tips and approaches that really made sense and were easy to remember. Even when I was tired because of a full load of homework and extra-curricular activities, Seamus’s encouragement and support kept me going.”

– Nika K, student, Manhattan

“My daughter and I greatly appreciated Seamus’s expert advice and guidance. He really made us feel that the SAT’s were manageable. His SAT test-taking strategies and his simple step-by-step demystification of the essay-writing process were especially helpful.”

– Stacey A, parent of SAT-test-taker, Manhattan

Seamus provided significant results for my 10th grade son who was finding essay writing especially difficult. Through consistent practice and systematic reminders, we saw a real change in both his grades and his whole approach to school assignments. He took real pleasure in both increasing his grades and even got to enjoy the whole process of essay-writing—something I never would have thought possible.

– Margaret L., Westchester


  • Stacey A., parent, Manhattan

    "Seamus was invaluable with every aspect of SAT prep and the admissions process. He is very thorough and makes sure students grasp every concept."
  • Nika K., freshman, Wellesley, Ma.

    "Everything I found hard, Seamus made easier. He helped me master even the most difficult topics."
  • Margaret M., parent, Westchester

    "Seamus has provided invaluable support to our son as he started middle school—A.L. is now much more confident and his scores have improved significantly."
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